• You can pay your deposit by cheque or cash in person on the day you rent the carrier
  • Alternatively you can pay by paypal, we charge a transaction fee of  £1.50 for using this service to help cover PayPal costs
  • Deposits vary depending on the carrier hired – please see the rental slings section for more detail
  • Please pop your name and reason for paying in the notes section.


  • You can use this service to pay for consultations or vouchers.


  • If you have a sling out on loan already and you want to keep it for longer, then you can use PayPal to pay for the rehire of a sling. Please add £1.50 on to the monthly hire fee for your carrier.
  • Stretch style slings are £5 for four weeks
  • All other types are £5 for two weeks or £8 for four weeks.
  • Please pop your name sling type and how long you are rehiring for in the notes section.