Why do I need a consultation?

Baby Carrying Consultancy

Using a sling or baby carrier is a skill, and like most skills it takes time, patience, practice and a learning method. Traditionally we would have learned how to carry our infants from ours mothers, our aunts and our sisters. We would have been carrying our dolls from a young age. Nowadays we have lost that skill set. We can learn from sling instruction manuals, on line videos, peer to peer support at sling meets or with a qualified baby carrying consultant. Some of the slings available to buy do not hold your baby in the ‘optimal’ position for hip health, some of the videos out on the web show unsafe practices. A one to one consultation will give your baby carrying adventure the best possible start, you will learn about the pros and cons of different carriers as well as the benefits of holding baby close and safe easy techniques to help you carry your baby with confidence.

What is a baby carrying consultant?

A baby carrying consultant is someone who has undertaken formal training in how to use and teach different baby carriers that are safe, and comfortable, for both baby and adult. They can help you find the best carrier to suit your family and your individual needs. In addition they are usually a parent who has carried their own children.

Slinglibrary’s consultancy options:

This is not an exhaustive list, these are just the most frequently asked for consultant sessions, if you feel you need something different please get in touch, we are happy to work something out to suit your needs.

Library session consultation

We aim to be able to give you a 10-15 minute mini consultation on your first visit to the library, to find out which type of sling you need to borrow, this is free with the hire of a sling from the library. We will ask about the child’s age and what type of activities you want to do whilst carrying. We will demo how to use the carrier and provide you with written instructions, or links to on line instructions and ongoing support via facebook, telephone or email. I may have one or both of my children with me, and I ask you to be patient if I have  to see to their needs.

Private one to one consultation

For one to one consultations I charge £20 for the first hour and £10 per half hour after that (£25 and £10 weekends and evenings). As a guide in an hour we could expect to cover

  • Safe infant positioning, different types of sling and their pro’s and cons, fitting one type of sling in a front carry
  • Fitting a buckle carrier and or mei tai in a front carry
  • Fitting a buckle carrier OR mei tai and learning to back carry
  • front carry in a woven wrap/stretch style sling

In an hour and a half we would expect to cover

  • Safe infant positioning, different types of sling and their pro’s and cons, fitting of 2 types of sling in a front carry
  • Back carrying in a woven wrap


This is meant as a guide only, people vary in the time it takes to learn things, this is typically what most people would cover in the time frame.

Bump to baby

Bump to baby sessions come in two parts. Part one approximately 45 minute session during pregnancy for the mother, and her partner or supporter, which covers the benefits of babywearing and the different sling options on the market and their pros and cons. Part two is approximately an hour and a half session once the baby is here. Covering infant positioning and the use of up to 2 slings of your choice, how to use them safely with a newborn, practice with a weighted demo doll, and your baby if you wish. Times allow for baby feeding/changing breaks. This costs £45 including a months sling hire of your choice. Also available as a voucher for expectant mums.

Initial consultation

An hour of one to one sling learning time for you and your partner if you wish. £20 weekdays and £25 weekends and evenings.
In depth consultation

An introduction to the benefits of babywearing, slings and infant positioning. A two hour more in depth sling learning session, suitable for people who wish to make carrying baby close a bigger part of their parenting. This is £30 including 2 weeks sling hire.

Follow on consultation

An hours sling learning. Suitable for parents who have already had an initial consultation and wish to learn a new carrier/tying method £20 weekdays and £25 on weekends and evenings

Where do consultations take place?

I can come to you at 50 pence per mile from Deighton Huddersfield or you can can come to my home.