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Hardly ever included in the must have lists you get before baby arrives, slings can be a really useful parenting tool!


Newborns have spent nine months in the cosy womb and love to be nestled close. They recognise your ‘smell’, they want to hear your heart and your familiar voice and they feel with their whole bodies the familiar movements, just like they are used to in the womb. Babies need to be held and using a good sling means you can get on with looking after your older children or yourself without trying to juggle everything with one hand.

Slings can help you get much needed skin to skin in those early days, which helps regulate baby’s temperature and heart rate as well as improving milk supply. Using a sling for three hours a day can reduce the time a baby spends crying by up to fifty percent. Carrying your baby in a sling has even been shown to improve PND.
Older Babies.

When babies are ready to explore their world there is no stopping their curiosity! From the vantage of a sling they can see further than in a pram and are at eye level, taking in everything around them. Being part of your conversations they  learn about their world and can learn from your facial expressions about what is dangerous, funny, exciting and safe.
Toddler hood and beyond.

Toddlers are exploring the big, wide world. It is exciting but can be overwhelming and sometimes only a mummy’s cuddle will do. We have all seen the mum out in town with a distressed toddler trying to push an empty pram through the crowds whilst trying to comfort her little adventurer…..how much easier would it be with a sling folded up in her handbag?
Slings can take you and your baby or child to places you wouldn’t have thought possible. Buses trains and planes are a breeze. The right sling can see you climbing mountains and exploring forests with your little ones.




Skin to skin.

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