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  • Ensure your baby is held securely at all times, including during tying.
  • Ensure your baby’s air way is clear at all times; baby’s chin should be off their chest with room to insert 2 of your fingers between chin and chest.
  • Ensure you can see your baby’s face and never cover baby’s face or head with fabric.
  • Slings act like an extra layer of clothing; please dress yourself and your baby appropriately to avoid overheating.
  • Never use your sling in a situation where carrying your baby in your arms would be inappropriate.
  • Be mindful of dangerous objects your baby can reach while in the sling.
  • Check your sling before each use for signs of wear and tear. Do not use if damaged.
  • Always secure your sling with a double knot.
  • Ensure baby’s head is well supported.
  • Do not leave a baby or child unattended with a sling.

For more information on sling safety please refer to the following websites:




To ensure you are using your sling appropriately please refer to your local baby

wearing instructor, details of U.K. instructors can be found on the following websites:



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